Mount Confidence

Marque: Placote

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Kili the Yeti lives all alone on the top of a mountain and he needs your help to get his self-confidence back! Your mission: scale the mountain and answer a series of questions to give the Yeti a helping hand. Careful not to slip and fall!...Lire plus

Mount Confidence helps children age 7 to 11 develop their self-esteem by encouraging them to reflect on their strengths and challenges in a context that promotes guided dialogues. It is often easier for children to question themselves through play than to be asked direct questions in daily life.

The character of Kili, the Yeti who has lost his self-confidence, lends the game a concrete yet fun aspect: it appeals to players’ imaginations and encourages them to compare themselves to a character—precisely the kind of analogy that helps children think more deeply on the subject.