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French Version
Agricola: Family Edition is the new simplified version of the critically-acclaimed classic Agricola, one of the pillars of worker placement games, still from the mind of Uwe Rosenberg....Read more

In Agricola: Family Edition, you play as a family of farmers and work hard to build an entire farm from a tiny wooden hut. You take turns giving tasks to your farmers, who will set out to make your farm bigger and better by collecting wood, clay, reeds and vegetables. You will also use them to bring some animals to your farm to raise, and to build new facilities. But be careful, each action is unique and can only be taken once per turn, which means that you'll have to place your workers on the right spaces before your opponents take your place. As your farm gets bigger, you may want to make your family bigger by raising new children, so that you'll have more workers to do your bidding — however, a bigger family means more mouths to feed! Don't forget, part of your harvest will need to go towards feeding your farmers...


Harvest your vegetables, feed your family, and watch your cattle multiply; at the end of the game, the farm that generated the most victory points wins!

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