the connect deck: date night (18+)

Brand: happy tears MTL

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Whether you're on your first date or your one hundredth, Date Night was created to fan the flame that burns between you and your connection!...Read more

Will the flame burn out or glow brighter? Put it to the test with these one hundred burning questions and conversation starters that will challenge your alignment on values, dreams, attraction, trust, commitment, and intimacy.

With each Date Night deckyou will receive:

  • 25x 'feeling butterflies?' cards
  • 25x  'light the flame' cards
  • 25x  'crank the heat' cards
  • 25x  'extra spice' cards
  • 1x cotton drawstring pouch
  • Made in Montreal, Canada

*Please advise that some question cards do get quite spicy! We recommend this deck be played only by those aged 18+.

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