SES - My first Colorball

Color ball 6 couleurs - Forme ergonomique pour une prise en main facile pour les tout petits - 6 faces crayon cire - 6 couleurs. SES est le spécialiste des jouets créatifs depuis plus de 40 ans. Le développement de l'enfant est le concept central du dével

My First is a product line developed especially for the very youngest creative minds. The products in this line are ergonomic, extremely safe, hypoallergenic and gluten free. The SES Colorball is a unique product with which the very youngest can safely start to discover their artistic gifts. There are 6 different coloured crayon caps on the ball. Children can start to discover the most beautiful colours and their artistic gifts from a very early age. The Colorball’s ergonomic grip makes it easy to hold. Suitable for children from 12 months:
2+ years

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