Monster School

Brand: Placote

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Those monsters are always getting up to no good! It’s time to send them to Monster School to learn socially appropriate behavior. Which one will graduate first and earn a Good Behavior Diploma?...Read more

From age 3 to age 6, children are in the process of learning social rules. Though they may develop an enhanced understanding of the positive and negative repercussions of their actions, weak self-control undermines their ability to put this understanding into practice. Monster School helps children identify and distinguish appropriate and inappropriate behaviors while having fun, which makes them calm and receptive. In this context, children are also better able to think about the consequences of their actions.

Using monsters as characters puts a fun spin on the process of learning a serious lesson. The monsters often enjoy teasing other characters, and typically take perverse pleasure in breaking social rules. Children attempt to teach monsters to use socially appropriate behavior, while having fun and laughing together. Learning in this way, children don’t feel like they’re working on their own social skills, which can help them become immersed in the experience.