Stella - Dixit universe

Brand: Libellud

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Secretly choose a number of images related to the common word... but don't be alone in the lead. Unveil your choices strategically to remain in the game and score points with other players....Read more

Stella – Dixit Universe is a new take on the world of Dixit: pick a word-card, and players secretly associate this word with as many cards on the table as they’re inspired by, then reveal the number of associations made. If you’re alone in your choice, you’ve pushed too far and get a penalty! Then score points for the picks you have in common with other players. Dare to chase the stars!

-A fun push-your-luck game with word-image association

-Accessibility, risk management and positive interaction

-A new gateway game for families and gamers alike

-This is a standalone product. No other Dixit product is required to play.