What's missing? Mauve Ludonaute


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WHAT’S MISSING? comes back with this purple Edition....Read more

This clever game of imagination and art in which you have to draw things so that your friends can guess a picture is enriched with 240 new cards and an additional level of difficulty. The principle remains the same: instead of representing the image on your card, you will have to draw all around elements that replace it in a environment, a context. The other players will have to find what you have not drawn! To win, being smart is more important than being a good artist…

For those who own the first yellow edition of What’s Missing ?, with this second edition you can double the number of players from 6 to 12 for even more fun!

WHAT’S MISSING? Purple is composed of four difficulty levels of cards which represent all kinds of things such as objects, real or fantastic animals, fruits, vegetables, characters like a samurai or a zombie, musical instruments… Your goal is to create the most obvious and simple connection between the image that you just picked and your drawing. You’ve understood, it is not to be Picasso or Rembrandt but to be the smartest. And it is in your interest as if nobody can find the image you lose the card plus a card that has already been won. To win you must be the player with the highest number of cards at the end of the game…